2016-07-03 Virtuosos Concert: Xiao Ping Hu, Soprano 胡曉平, 女高音


Xiao Ping Hu is a world renowned soprano of our time. Her early vocal music training with Maestro Zhi-Lan Gao at the Shanghai Conservatory was followed by further studies at the Manhattan School of Music in New York under the tutelage of Maestro Gabor Carelli.

At the 20th Budapest Vocal Competition in Hungary in 1982, Ms. Hu overwhelmed the music world with her mesmerizing voice and superb singing skills, winning first place in the contest in addition to a special award for opera performance. This launched Ms. Hu’s long and brilliant singing career, embarking on 1983-1985 concert tours to numerous European countries. She was awarded the highest state honour by Russia and a new exoplanet discovered in 1998 by a Russian scientist was named “The Planet of Hu Xiao Ping”.

Her 1986 performance tour to 21 cities across the United States brought about a wave of “Xiao Ping heat” and an “Honorary Citizen” title was conferred upon her by the mayor of Los Angeles. In his visit to China, the late U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, deliberately requested to meet with Xiao Ping Hu personally, in recognition of her special contribution to Sino-US cultural exchanges. Most recently, Ms. Hu was granted the “2011 Global Trailblazer Award” by the International Leadership Foundation (ILF) of the United States in honour of her contribution to the development of world culture.

Spanning almost two decades since 1987, Ms. Hu has performed in multiple concert tours to France, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, during one of which she re-appeared as “Mimi” in the opera, La Boheme in Hungary, once again exciting a great stir. Successful performances were repeated in 2004 in Toronto and Vancouver when she premiered in the cantata, Yang Gui Fei.

Ms. Hu has returned to China frequently since 2006 to host lectures and solo concerts in the Shanghai Grand Theatre and Ningbo Great Theatre. In recent years, Ms. Hu has focused on vocal music teaching at the Ningbo University in China, where she created the Hu Xiao Ping Art Centre. She has vigorously geared up to nurture and prepare young opera singers of China for the international music scene, propelling them to perform at opera houses, both at home and abroad, and to participate in international vocal competitions. Ms. Hu has undertaken to pass to future generations the results of her academic research on vocal music in a book that will mirror her own comprehensive and systematic exploration and experience in the past 40 years.

胡曉平是當代國際著名女高音歌唱家。師從聲樂大師高芝蘭,加勃·卡萊利 (Gabor.Carelli) 。早年就讀於上海音樂學院,紐約曼哈頓音樂學院。


1983-1999,巡演歐洲十幾國。俄羅斯特以國家名義向胡曉平頒發最高榮譽獎,並將1998年俄羅斯科學家發現的新行星,命名為“胡曉平行星”(The Planet of Hu Xiaoping)。

1986,胡曉平在全美國作21城市巡迴演,一時間在當地捲起一股“曉平熱“。為此,洛杉磯市長授予她 “榮譽公民”。美國總統裡根訪華,特意指名會見胡曉平,當面感謝她對中美文化交流的特殊貢獻。美國國際領袖基金會頒發給胡曉平2011年全球開拓者獎,以表彰她對世界文化發展所作出的貢獻。

1987-2005,胡曉平先後多次在法國,奧地利,意大利,韓國,新加坡,墨西哥,香港,台灣等地巡演。期間,她曾重返匈牙利上演歌劇(波希米亞人) ,再度引起轟動。

2004年,她在多倫多和溫哥華首演為她特製的清唱劇(楊貴妃) ,取得巨大成功。