Meet Our Orchestras

Toronto Chinese Orchestra (TCO) is the largest Chinese orchestra in Ontario and the longest running in Canada. Our purpose is to promote and develop an appreciation of Chinese orchestral music and culture amongst Canadians. Below are the different groups within the TCO family:

Toronto Chinese Orchestra (TCO)

Over the past 25 years the Toronto Chinese Orchestra (TCO) has grown from a gathering for Chinese music enthusiasts into an orchestra with a distinct artistic vision.

Toronto Community Chinese Orchestra (TCCO)

TCCO is a training orchestra for adults and seniors, with focus on beginner ensemble work, rhythm exercises, and sight reading.

Toronto Community Chinese Orchestra

Toronto Youth Chinese Orchestra (TYCO)

Our training ensemble for youths 16 years and under with a basic knowledge of a Chinese instrument or cello/double bass/percussion.

TCO Chambers Players (TCOCP)

Members of TCOCP form TCO’s professional core. They have extensive musical training and are established artists and teachers in the community

Apex Drumming Team

The Apex Drumming Team is a group that comprises of youth that specializes in Chinese drums and percussion