Choral Works

Choral Works

Tsinghua Alumni Performing Arts Group (TAPAG) choir will present two pieces:

1. 无伴奏混声合唱《美丽的草原我的家》

The Chorale “Beautiful Prairie, My Home” presents the audience with a panoramic landscape of the Great Mongolian Steppes, with lush green grasslands and flocks of sheep huddling around the Mongolian Yurts. The piece is stylistically Mongolian, evoking the sense of pride and longing for all people. The choral version is based on a Mongolian folk song of the same name, which had been recognized by UNESCO as part of the heritage of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia.

2. 混声合唱 哈萨克民歌 《玛依拉》

“Ma-Yi-La” or Myra Wälïqızı Shamsutdinova was a Kazakh girl from Xinjiang, China. She was beautiful, talented and was historically a composer and famed singer amongst her people. One of her early works, ‘Myra’ was her namesake piece. It began “They call me Myra, the Singer Myra”. The piece presents the optimistic, lively and lovable side of the Kazakhs. Typical of traditional Kazakh music, there is a lively variation of the original motif of the music. The light tempo and the optimistic melodies seek to present the singer “Myra” as jovial and optimistic.