Composer: Bobby Ho 作曲家: 何松聲

For the 2013-06-22 concert, Bobby Ho has composed for and trained TCO drum ensemble in a piece titled Legend of Jade Dragon 傳說的玉龍.

Bobby’s musical history is rooted in piano lessons with Alice Ho, where his lack of rhythm and coordination at the time drove him to take drum lessons. He unexpectedly found his passion for drumming when he began forming his own bands and participating in extra-curricular music ensembles. Since then, he decided to supplement his musical horizon by composing and arranging music for percussion ensembles, orchestras, choirs, symphonic bands, and his personal rock bands. Bobby’s interest in drumming has expanded into the realm of traditional Chinese percussion instruments, including the lion dance drum, flower pot drum (hua pen gu), and drum set (paigu). One goal he would like to accomplish in Chinese percussion music is to contribute new techniques and rhythmic concepts to the art while maintaining its cultural distinctiveness.

Despite his passion for music, Bobby earned his B.Sc in Psychology and minored in Music History and Culture at the University of Toronto. He is specifically interested in mental health of psychology, hoping to promote mental health and development through music. As a former music coordinator for an inpatient group at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Bobby provided musical leisure to individuals diagnosed with various mental health conditions. He currently works as a drum instructor at the Canada Music Academy and recently began offering lessons to individuals with developmental, psychological, and/or physical disabilities. Outside of his professional life, Bobby teaches lion dance drumming at Apex Martial Arts Academy and composes music for the Toronto Chinese Orchestra’s percussion ensemble.

Bobby studied music history and culture with Caryl Clark, James Kippen, Jeff Packman, and Joshua Pilzer. In 2010, he was the runner up in Sabian’s Most Warped Drummer Contest.

何松聲與音樂的結緣始於他的鋼琴老師何冰頤。由於他感到自己在節奏和協調方面有所不足,促使他學習打鼓。意料之外, 在他開始組織自己的樂隊及課餘的音樂組合後,他發現自己對打鼓有著深厚的熱愛,自此之後,他開始為敲擊樂小組、管弦樂、合唱團、交響管樂團以至他自己的流行樂隊作曲和編曲,擴闊了他在音樂上的領域。何松聲對鼓樂的興趣更加推廣到中國傳統敲擊樂,包括醒獅鼓樂、中國花瓶鼓以至排鼓。他有一個心願,就是把新的技巧和節奏等元素加進中國敲擊樂,並保持中國音樂的特色。

雖然何松聲這麼熱愛音樂,他擁有的卻是多倫多大學心理學學士學位,而他只副修音樂歷史及文化。他對精神心理學特別有興趣,希望將音樂用於精神健康治療,曾經是Centre for Addiction and Mental Health住院病人的一位音樂統籌,他運用了音樂去令不同的精神病患者得到改善。他現在是加拿大音樂學院的一位鼓樂導師,最近更開始為個別有心理、發展或身體殘障的人士提供治療課程。在工作以外,何松聲更在領峰少林武術學院教授醒獅鼓樂,並為多倫多中樂團的敲擊小組編寫敲擊樂曲。