Erhu: Sarah Tao He 二胡: 何濤

One of three guests for 2013-06-22 concert…

Graduated with honor from the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music Beijing in 1992, Ms. Sarah He started her musical career as an erhu and gaohu player at the China Broadcast National Orchestra in Beijing. Between 1993-1996, she had numerous solo performances at major concerts in Beijing and toured internationally.

In 1999, Ms. Sarah He was invited to Singapore by Expect Music Record Company, which signed her as a contract artist. She started to explore different musical genres while playing erhu. During one of her performances in 2000, she was highly praised by the Prime Minister of Singapore. As a very accomplished musician, Sarah He was featured on the front pages of the Arts Magazine and Singapore Women’s Weekly.

In 2002, Ms. Sarah He joined the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. As a soloist erhu player, she performed at many HKCO concerts and toured extensively in Asia, Europe and the US.

In 2012, Ms. Sarah He moved to Boston with her husband, renowned suona musician Mr. Yazhi Guo and their two daughters. By living in the west, she and her husband are gaining new inspirations for their music. They also started to be involved with the local community musically. She has already performed with her husband at the Peirce School and Kehillath Israel Nursery School in Brookline.

何濤於1992年以榮譽畢業於北京中央音樂學院,即考入中國廣播民族樂團,任二胡及高胡演奏員。1993 年至 1996 年期間,她在北京及海外擔任過很多大型音樂會的獨奏演出。

1999年,何濤被邀請加入新加坡Expect Music 唱片公司為合約藝術家,她開始嘗試以二胡演奏新的風格,包括爵士及流行音樂。2000 年的一場演出中,獲新加坡總理吳作棟接見及嘉許。何濤更成為《Arts Magazine》及《Singapore Women’s Weekly》封面專訪人物。


2012年,何濤與丈夫郭雅志及兩個女兒移居到波士頓。生活在西方社會,讓她和丈夫感受到音樂的新靈感。他們開始參與社區的一些音樂活動,並於Brookline市的Kehillath Israel Nursery School 及Peirce School 演出。