Patty Chan reflects on 2017 Taiwan trip


4th from the left: Patty Chan

Although only a few TCO members were able to take part in this Taipei trip that Dr. Chih-Sheng Chen arranged for us, we had such an amazing time! Matthew, Bobby, Wilfred, and I were welcomed to take part in Xianse Temple Youth Orchestra’s rehearsals and concert at Taipei’s grand National Concert Hall. Everyone there was helpful and treated us so well. The music was so powerful! We rehearsed intensively every night until the big day. Altogether we had 130 people on stage and a sold-out hall.

This was my 4th time visiting Taipei and every time it has been for music. When I am there, I am able to focus only on music – be challenged and inspired so that I can be ready to work with TCO when I return. It is through trips like these that fuelled my passion for Chinese orchestral music. I am able to learn from them and experience what is possible. I hope that more TCO members can join us next time! Already planning our next adventure…