2012-06-30: Boundless Songs of Love 楓葉情無界

Boundless Song of Love was specially arranged by Tony K.T. Leung, TCO’s Composer-in-Residence, to celebrate Canada Day.

Barriers give us perceived safety. Safety from the unknown and from potential harm. But barriers also limit us in our experiences and our understanding. Musical sound can help transcend time, place, and the spoken language. Folk songs in particular express fundamental sentiments directly and purely. “Boundless Songs of Love” takes six folk songs – five Canadian and one Chinese – to bring together the common message of love, and to fulfill the words of Aristotle: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

1. A la claire fontaine (French; Quebec)
2. Lullaby: Sung to Hiwatha (Algonquin; Ontario)
3. When the Moon Comes Up (Cree; Saskatchewan)
4. I’ll Give My Love an Apple (English; Nova Scotia)
5. She’s Like the Swallow (Newfoundland)
6. 康定情歌 Love Song of Kangding (China)

Thanks to Professor Elaine Keillor of Carleton University for her expertise and sharing of resources.


謹在此衷心感謝卡爾頓大學教授Elaine Keillor提供的專業知識和資料。