2016-07-03 Virtuosos Concert: Felix W.T. Yeung, Liuqin 楊瑋庭, 柳琴


Felix has been an active member of Toronto’s Chinese music scene for over 18 years. A born Canadian, he joined the Toronto Chinese Orchestra (TCO) in 1997. Inspired and supported by his predecessors—to whom he is grateful for their tirelessness in establishing the groundwork for Chinese orchestral music in Ontario—and encouraged by current and future generations of young music learners, Felix has dedicated and volunteered a significant amount of his time in promoting and sharing Chinese orchestral music with others.

Felix was one of ten candidates from around the world who was accepted as an advanced class scholarship student at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music’s 2014 summer program in Chinese traditional music, and he was honoured to have studied under renowned liuqin professor, Qiang Wu. Locally, he has won First Award, Best of Class Award, and a scholarship at the Kiwanis Music Festival of Greater Toronto, in the non-western string instruments category. Before joining TCO, Felix was a student of Diocesan Boys’ School in Hong Kong, where he learned to play the ruan and became a member of the school’s Chinese orchestra. He has travelled with the orchestra to London, England, and represented Hong Kong in a performance at the 75th Anniversary Gala Performance of the British Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance, and Speech. Internationally and interprovincially, Felix has travelled with TCO to perform in China, Quebec, and Alberta, in addition to participating in numerous local performances and instrument demonstrations in Toronto.

Felix currently serves as TCO’s Event Coordinator. He also teaches liuqin and ruan privately as well as at the Music of May music store. His students come from various ethnic backgrounds and range widely in age, from as young as 12 to over 70 years old.


出生於加國,童年在香港長大。中學就讀拔萃男書院。在校期間開始學習中阮並加入男拔萃中樂團及香港樂樂國樂團。中三時隨男拔萃中樂團代表香港赴英國倫敦參加英國音樂舞蹈及朗誦協會75週年慶典Festival of Festivals演出,以香港音樂大使身份與當地樂團交流接觸,獲益良多。