Introduction: Eunah Cho, visual artist

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Introducing one of our featured visual artists, Eunah Cho. She will have her artwork displayed in the lobby of the Markham Peoples Community Church on June 9, 2019. Doors will open at 6:00pm, so please come meet Ms. Cho and view her works, which are also available for purchase. One of her paintings has been selected to be displayed during the performance.


Eunah Cho, the 12th President of the Korean Artist Society of Canada, is a Korean contemporary artist. She completed her Masters of Fine Art at Kyung Hee University, followed by 15 years of teaching at various Korean Universities. Since moving to Canada in 2003, Eunah held several solo exhibitions as well as participating in over 22 international art fairs in New York, Los Angeles, Zurich, Hong Kong, Busan, Toronto, etc.

Her paintings are made using Hanji, a Korean traditional handmade paper, along with Korean Black ink and multiple mixed mediums. Through the process of creation, deconstruction, and reorganization, her paintings express the intention of solving the problems of modern society by both accepting and rejecting tradition. Furthermore, the art also carries the message of the importance for the modern man to have dreams and build relationships.

Notes from the Artist – Meditation
I work with Indian ink, coloured pigment, and acrylic with mixed media on “Hanji” paper (“Hanji” is a traditional Korean handmade paper made from the bark of mulberry trees). A strong contrast of colours, lines, and repetition are painted to create my vision of abstract art on Hanji which is then cut into separate pieces. Each piece develops a new meaning, due to the individuality they obtain as they are separated. The canvas serves as a palette for the Hanji pieces to rest in both chaos and harmony. When the painted Hanji is cut, the original meaning of the painting instantly perishes. In its place a new artistic language comes into focus. The visions for the uncut paintings are always decided and straight-forward. However, the cut pieces emanate a whole new behaviour. That is my artistic intention.